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Country of Origin

Denomination, Date, Grading

Price $ Australian



2003 $1.00 Korean War  (S&B Mint Mark) Uncirculated


Price on Application



Mixed bag of 10 Decimal coins up to 1988 (Circulated 1c,2c,5c,10c,20c,50c,  mixed years, some commemoratives..)




Mixed bag of 10 penny's (George 6th and Elizabeth 2nd no high value coins here, mixed years)GeorgeVI_Penny_Obv.jpg (4804 bytes)QE11_Penny_Obv.jpg (5913 bytes)




1/2kg Mixed coins from random nations


More coins available, just e-mail me for an up to date list

I take no responsibility for items lost of damaged in the mail, so please do not make an issue of the short comings of the postal service.

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