:History of my collection:

The collection began with a coin left to me by my mother in her will.
It was on a watch chain along with other good luck charms, just an insignificant silver disc with a rough hole punched it to attach it to the watch chain, that would start me on the road to a collection of many coins from all over the world.
The coin took many hours and many letters to dealers and collectors to discover that it was a sixpence from South Africa that circulated during the Boar War.
With this discovery, was I satisfied?, no I began to look through things that were in amongst the family treasures which belonged my Grandmother, there in I discovered another coin of even greater interest to me it was a 10centimes coin from France dated 1856 the year that the Simpson branch of the family tree came to Australia from England.
This coin has a place in not only my family history but also that of our great nation , in that it was used as legal tender in Australia because we had no legal tender of our own at this time in our history so being ever resourceful we used other countries coinage as our own, this coin was used as a penny.
From these two small coins the collection has grown in the space of two years into a huge four thousand coin collection from around the world.
Why do you collect worthless coins from around the world?, you ask.
The answer to that is purely for the learning experience and the enjoyment of talking and trading with people from Estonia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Israel, United States of America and the man that sells coins at my local trash and treasure market, all these people be they old or young, rich or poor all have one thing in common that is that they enjoy coins and they belong to the global village.